About DivTRAK

The Pioneering Supplier Diversity Management Software

Manage. Measure. Market.

DivTRAK is the pioneering supplier diversity management software created by Appliedinfo Partners, Inc. It enables companies to Manage, Measure, and Market their efforts to work with suppliers who reflect the diversity of today’s world.


DivTRAK provides a database that allows organizations to Manage diverse suppliers. Certifications, industry and diversity classifications, contract terms, payments, geographic locations and more can be collected, edited, and searched across any criteria to help find suppliers to match specific needs.


DivTRAK helps you Measure the success of your Supplier Diversity Program with conveniently-generated reports that provide validation of success against targeted goals or serve as an early warning that goals are not being satisfied. The reporting capabilities offer quick snapshots of supplier and contract counts, monies spent, and the history of payments to specific suppliers or groups of suppliers.


DivTRAK provides the data and reports to help you Market your Supplier Diversity Program, both internally and externally. Progress reports can be generated for senior management, while information that points to specific success stories can support your marketing and public relations efforts.