Enterprise-Wide Supplier Diversity Management Software

As an enterprise-wide Supplier Diversity Software solution, DivTRAK offers benefits to colleagues throughout your organization, such as:

Office of Supplier Diversity
  • DivTRAK’s robust infrastructure facilitates the unique characteristics and demands of Supplier Diversity Management.
  • Automatic report generation saves time and improves accuracy.
  • Seamless integration with office productivity tools—such as Excel and email systems—streamlines processes.
  • Scanned and electronic documents—such as certifications, contracts, and marketing materials—are easily accessible online.
  • Integration with accounts payable systems eliminate the need for monthly “vendor runs”.
  • Robust supplier searches are facilitated by more than 20 search criteria.
  • Supplier access for self-registration reduces paperwork and departmental workload.
  • Contact logging supports good faith efforts and facilitates team coordination of supplier management.

  • DivTRAK’s database enables buyers globally to find and access information about diverse suppliers through the corporate Intranet, without having to involve the Supplier Diversity Coordinator.
  • Report generation provides yearly summaries on supplier diversity spending and data.
  • Metrics help to elicit historical and cross comparisons of performance against targets.
  • DivTRAK facilitates the accurate and timely filing of compliance reports to the Government, public agencies, and first-tier contract partners.

IT Department
  • DivTRAK reduces the need for IT staff to support the system and needs of the Supplier Diversity Department.
  • Access to DivTRAK can be integrated with corporate Single Sign-On systems, maintaining security and access control without an additional username and password.
  • Integration with office productivity tools, such as Excel and email systems, streamlines processes.
  • DivTRAK’s database was built with the Oracle relational database product, familiar to and endorsed by most IT departments.

  • DivTRAK provides detailed reports on diverse supplier usage.
  • Information can be used to highlight your organization’s commitment to supporting diverse suppliers to a diverse customer base.
  • Data that points to specific success stories can support your marketing and public relations efforts.

Senior Management
  • DivTRAK facilitates instant monitoring and periodic review of Supplier Diversity spending on a company-wide, business unit or departmental basis.
  • Data can be used for public presentations, quarterly/annual reports, and shareholder meetings.

Corporate Level
  • DivTRAK enhances the integrity of the Supplier Diversity Program, creating a secure repository for the information contained within this corporate asset.
  • DivTRAK provides reporting and documentation supporting your diverse supplier spend that can be used to win contracts with compliance requirements.
  • DivTRAK provides buyers with readily-available, quality information about relevant diverse suppliers.
  • The ability to report the successes of the Supplier Diversity Program can be used to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to diversity, helping to increase shareholder value and influence purchasing of a diverse customer base.

Your Corporate Customers
  • DivTRAK provides reporting and evidence that can be used to win contracts with compliance requirements.