Comprehensive Supplier Diversity Management Software

DivTRAK offers all the features you expect from a web-based, enterprise-wide supplier diversity management software solution that serves the world’s largest corporations.

  • Supplier Portal

    DivTRAK’s web-based supplier portal provides suppliers with secured access to register with your organization and maintain their profile and diversity certification(s).

  • Supplier Database

    DivTRAK’s secure database enables any authorized user—from buyers to senior management—to access pertinent supplier data and search for suppliers based on user-selected criteria from more than 20 categories.

  • Document Management

    DivTRAK’s Document Module allows you to upload, view, and manage suppliers’ certifications, contracts, sales literature, and other documents.

  •  2nd Tier Reporting

    DivTRAK provides a secure portal through which your first-tier suppliers can keep you abreast of downstream spending, worldwide.

  • A/P Integration

    DivTRAK’s Accounts Payable Corporate Interface integrates with any financial system to reconcile actual monies spent on diverse suppliers.

  • Single Sign-On Integration

    Access to DivTRAK can be integrated with corporate Single Sign-On systems, maintaining security and access control without an additional username and password.

  • Interactive Tutorials

    DivTRAK’s online tutorials walk you through every feature of the software.

  • Accessible On the Go

    DivTRAK is cloud-based and fully accessible from any iOS or Droid tablet.

  • Intuitive Interface

    DivTRAK is easy-to-use and designed for access based on user roles.

  • Usage Flags

    DivTRAK highlights the most and least-used suppliers.

  • Excel-Based Reporting

    DivTRAK’s robust reporting capabilities allow users to see minute details, specific snapshots or the big picture. Create a Pivot Table to extract, organize and summarize data according to your specific needs.